Legislative Finance Staff

Alexei Painter - Legislative Fiscal Analyst
  (907) 465-5413
  Assigned Agencies
      Governor's Office
Kelly Cunningham - Operating Budget Coordinator
  (907) 465-3821
  Assigned Agencies
      Family and Community Services
      Labor & Workforce Development
  Additional Assignments
      Mental Health Budget
Michael Partlow - Capital Budget Coordinator
  (907) 465-5435
  Assigned Agencies
      Environmental Conservation
      Military & Veteran's Affairs
      Transportation & Public Facilities
      University of Alaska
  Additional Assignments
      Supplemental Budget
Conor Bell - Fiscal Analyst/Economist
  (907) 465-3002
  Assigned Agencies
      Education & Early Development
      Natural Resources
  Additional Assignments
      Fiscal Modeling
      Fiscal Summaries
      Revenue Bills
      Indirect Expenditure Report
Morgan Foss - Fiscal Analyst
  (907) 465-5410
  Assigned Agencies
      Commerce, Community & Economic
      Fish & Game
      Public Safety
  Additional Assignments
      Fund Tracking
Mark Neyhart
Data Processing Manager
(907) 465-5433
Amy DeFreest
(907) 465-3635
Ildiko McCabe
Administrative Officer
(907) 465-3795
Last Updated 2022-06-15