State of Alaska State Legislature Legislative Budget & Audit Committee Division of Legislative Audit

FY 2021 House Finance Subcommittee Recommendations (Numbers Only)

See column definitions at the end of each report for clarification. Click on a fund code to see a description and history.

Agency Reports
Agency Multiyear
Trans Compare
(AdjBase to HouseSub)
Trans Compare
(Gov to HouseSub)
Wordage BA Sheet Narrative
Administration DOA AgencyTot DOA TransComp1 DOA TransComp2 DOA Wordage DOA Spreadsheet DOA Narrative
Community and Economic Development CED AgencyTot CED TransComp1 CED TransComp2 CED Wordage CED Spreadsheet CED Narrative
Corrections DOC AgencyTot DOC TransComp1 DOC TransComp2 DOC Wordage DOC Spreadsheet DOC Narrative
Education and Early Development DOE AgencyTot DOE TransComp1 DOE TransComp2 DOE Wordage DOE Spreadsheet DOE Narrative
Environmental Conservation DEC AgencyTot DEC TransComp1 DEC TransComp2 DEC Wordage DEC Spreadsheet DEC Narrative
Fish and Game DFG AgencyTot DFG TransComp1 DFG TransComp2 DFG Wordage DFG Spreadsheet DFG Narrative
Office of the Governor GOV AgencyTot GOV TransComp1 N/A GOV Wordage GOV Spreadsheet GOV Narrative
Health and Social Services HSS AgencyTot HSS TransComp1 HSS TransComp2 HSS Wordage HSS Spreadsheet HSS Narrative
Labor and Workforce Development DOL AgencyTot DOL TransComp1 DOL TransComp2 DOL Wordage DOL Spreadsheet DOL Narrative
Law LAW AgencyTot LAW TransComp1 LAW TransComp2 LAW Wordage LAW Spreadsheet LAW Narrative
Military and Veterans Affairs MVA AgencyTot MVA TransComp1 MVA TransComp2 MVA Wordage MVA Spreadsheet MVA Narrative
Natural Resources DNR AgencyTot DNR TransComp1 DNR TransComp2 DNR Wordage DNR Spreadsheet DNR Narrative
Public Safety DPS AgencyTot DPS TransComp1 DPS TransComp2 DPS Wordage DPS Spreadsheet DPS Narrative
Revenue DOR AgencyTot DOR TransComp1 DOR TransComp2 DOR Wordage DOR Spreadsheet DOR Narrative
Transportation / Public Facilities DOT AgencyTot DOT TransComp1 DOT TransComp2 DOT Wordage DOT Spreadsheet DOT Narrative
University of Alaska UOA AgencyTot UOA TransComp1 UOA TransComp2 N/A UOA Spreadsheet UOA Narrative
Judiciary JUD AgencyTot JUD TransComp1 JUD TransComp2 N/A JUD Spreadsheet JUD Narrative
Legislature LEG AgencyTot LEG TransComp1 LEG TransComp2 LEG Wordage LEG Spreadsheet LEG Narrative

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